At Hermanas there are no written paper menus, here you will find them written on our chalkboard walls. Partly because we often change the menu, but also because we will have a more personal contact with the guest by telling them about the menu.

The food draws inspiration from Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. There are small dishes that you combine as you wish, or you order our 'Hermanas Platas' where you get a bit of most things on the menu. There is a lot of flavor, heat and coriander.

Warm welcome!


Hermanas Platas

369 SEK

A mixed plate with a little bit of everything.   



Most dishes are available as vegetarian/vegan..


Spicy Sal

85 SEK

Taco with pulled salmon, chili pickled carrot & roasted aioli.


Poppy Pollo

85 SEK

Taco with cornflakes breaded chicken, sunny tomato mayo & pickled cucumber.

Silence of the Lamb

85 SEK

Taco with pulled lamb, chunky salsa verde & lemon yoghurt.

Miss Fathy

85 SEK

Fried feta, olive & tomato salsa & jalapeño mayo.

All tacos are served with Sriracha, pickled onions, lime, chili & coriander.




Half: 95 SEK Full: 185 SEK

Salsiccia, mixed salad, tomato, cucumber, red onion, croutons & lemon yoghurt.

Halloumi Fries

135 SEK 

Deep fried halloumi served with roasted aioli & sweet chilli jam.

Frito del Mar 

205 SEK

Fried sea creatures, served with lime, roasted aioli & sweet chili jam.

Poletta di Pollo

225 SEK

Meatballs on minced chicken, red chili, ginger, lemon, onion, garlic. Served in a baguette with hot tomato sauce & cheese.

It's a Wrap

275 SEK

Wrap on wheat tortilla filled with entrecôte, chunky salsa verde, sunny-tomato mayo, feta cheese, pickled onion & chili.

*All dishes are served with coriander, chilli & sesame salt.


Soup of the Day

Ask the staff.


Haricots Verts

75 SEK

Haricot greens with onion, garlic, pine nuts & green chili.


95 SEK

Salsiccia with onion, garlic, red chili & croutons.


95 SEK

Prawns with garlic, white wine, lemon & red chilli.


Chicken Wings

205 SEK/10 st

Chicken wings, glazed in butter, honey, habanero & orange.

Repollo Picante

79 SEK

Fried cauliflower with dip.


79 SEK

Fried cassava root with dip.

Fried Pickles

49 SEK

Fried chili pickled cucumber. Served in a basket with dip.


89 SEK

Nachos. Served with dip.


Ask the staff.