About us



The bodega in the middle of town

Hermanas opened on the 6th of April 2018. The name Hermanas comes from the Spanish and means sisters. The idea was to create a restaurant that is not like all the others. Hermanas wants to convey the feeling of sitting on a hill, beyond the tourist routes, somewhere in the heat. We want Hermanas to be the place that gives a familiar and warm feeling and the food has a lot of taste.

In a few, rather cramped, square meters, we strive to provide good service in a personal way. When you leave here, we want your stomach to be full, your thirst quenched and your spirits high.

//Sisters Niva

Josefin, the one of the sisters who has always had a passion for the restaurant industry and has also worked in the industry for most of her active professional life.

Over the years in the industry, she has gathered skills and experience from a variety of restaurants. In the back of my mind, the dream of opening my own restaurant has always existed.

As restaurateur at Hermanas, her main responsibility is the bar and dining room. She is the one with the vision and who sets the standard for the service.

Restaurateur/Restaurant manager

Josefin Niva

Therese, the one of the sisters who is the gem in the kitchen.

That she would become a restaurateur and work in the culinary profession has not always been obvious. But the interest in food has always been there.

Therese's main responsibility as restaurateur at Hermanas is overall responsibility for the kitchen. She is the one who draws up the menus and creates the recipes for the food served.

Restaurateur/Head of Kitchen

Therese Niva